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ArtCam 1.0 Glass Optimization Program

Product code: Y005

Version: 1.0

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> Product Features and Descriptions

  • Customer information chapter. Customers address, Notes, Phones etc.
  • To follow the status of submitted proposals, offers a program plan with the help of order of the order in which state is required to follow can be taken of reporting.
  • If using together, to entire glass measures and characteristics be able to transfer directly from Artpen 2.0
  • Glass dimensions can be entered manually.
  • Select many customers request the optimization.
  • Primarily, be using leftover glass, after using Glass plates.
  • Using 4 different methods with optimization for minimum leftover.
  • Price reports, Glass dimensions reports, price reports, customer’s price reports can get.
  • 99,7% optimization results.
  • Getting non optimization glass list.
  • Glass plate report on the layout drawing can take.
  • Optimizated all product materials. Reinforcement etc.
> Product Images
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