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Pvc Drawing Program ArtPen 1.5

Product code: Y002

Version: 1.5

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> Product Features and Descriptions


  • Customer information chapter. Customers address, Notes, Phones etc,
  • To follow the status of submitted proposals, offers a program plan with the help of order of the order in which state is required to follow can be taken of reporting,
  • Easly and fastly drawings what you want. Arch, circle, elliptical etc,
  • You can drawing sash in sash in this program. This specialist in our program on the world,
  • Up into the wings as desired and laid horizontally or vertically can register at the registration wing of whether you or a previous case as a reference point at kayıttanmı by the user would be identified,
  • You can drawing easly by Mouse,
  • For all Project you can get all details for productions,
  • All type Flyscreen drawing and can get all details for production,
  • You can choise colorly profiles in one step,
  • Drawing dimensions of this measure which will appear in which color and size, the shape of the drawing appear on the screen of previously drawn on the screen will look completely the user's exposure to determine,
  • During the drawing change has been drawn,
  • For all Project you can get all details for productions,
  •  You can take printout in one sheet how many you want,
  •  You can add new accessories parameters and use except the standart accessories,
  • Fastly drawings with easy drawing parameter, every type drawings with drawing wizard,
  • Drawing on the interior and exterior marble end moldings,
  • You can use all values in Excel sheet and you can transfering all html reports and values by internet,
  • During the drawin can change reinforcement,
  • You can see symbols of the profiles on the  drawings,
  • You can get all details for productions,
  • Different series or different customer drawings prepare with Copy and paste system
  • You can add new accessories parameters and use except the standart accessories,
  • The user to specify the color in the program,
  • User interface of the program to determin,
  • You can identify the user as reference material dependent, so the use of different materials in the program provides,
  • User can make selection of arched,
  • User wants to create pricing options,
  • Transportable all materials from proposal or coast analysis to Microsoft exel or word sheets,

A lot more detail and beauty, in short 10 years experience and all suggestions in this program.



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